Soft Collectable Sand Filled Owl – green camouflage


Soft Collectable Sand Filled Owl – green camouflage


Did you know that the sand owlet is actually a moth?  Well, not on this website!  Our little sand owl is a stuffed animal made from durable brightly coloured synthetic fabric and a mixture of washed fine grade sand and wadding.

Originally intended as a paperweight, this owl is not suitable for our littlest owl fans.  They come CE marked as not suitable for children under 3.  But for the more careful collector, our sand owls make a fantastic decorative ornament. Collect all three designs!

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  • CE marked recommended for age 3+
  • wipe clean exterior
  • made from synthetic fabric, wadding and fine grade washed sand
  • intended for use as a paperweight or decorative ornament, not a toy
  • yet certainly cuddly for the older collector!
Dimensions 12 x 8 x 15 cm