Interesting Research…

Of late, I have been researching barware … pewter, glass, stainless steel barware.  Never thought I’d need to know about that because my own barware collection consists of a corkscrew and a foil cutter for the occasional bottle of red.  But we are introducing a new line to The English Owl Company — practical gifts from the English Pewter Company.  And in composing item descriptions for our website, I have found an interesting world of collectibles and their histories.  For instance, the name ‘tumbler’ for a glass has its origins in the shape of glasses served in pubs years ago.  They had wobbly, pointed bottoms, to encourage consuming one’s drink in one quaff and discourage its casual, slow consumption.

For other fun facts or to browse our new collection of quality gifts, many of which are well suited to giving to the men in your life, please follow this link to our Just In category:


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