Founded in 2010, The English Owl Company is a one-stop online shopping experience for fans of gifts, collectables and home décor emphasising all things OWLY.

Our collection also features other familiar and well-loved forest friends such as fox and hedgehogs, and a few popular pets, too.

The English Owl Company is brought to you from North Yorkshire by Keira and David.  We are a married couple living our dream!  While raising our young son together, we are lucky enough to own and operate our unique online gift business.  We spend most of our time keenly sourcing unusual animal gifts and are thrilled that you are here in our virtual gift store, sharing our zeal.

We have a passion for bringing a smile to your face by getting your chosen items or gifts to you or your loved ones with quality packing and speedy delivery.  We are happy to bring a personal touch to your online purchases — we can custom print ribbons for gifts, enclose personal messages for you, and please see our newest line of ideas from the Personal Memento Company.

If you have any questions about our products or any comments or suggestions about our website and collections, please do contact us at